Unlock waste material and capital resources

Invest in new, innovative products

Trash to cash.

You can spend time trying to figure out how to reduce your trash costs, or you could let us show you ways to convert an expense into a source of revenue.

Our Repair and Refurbishment Programs are custom designed for your business and can literally turn trash into cash.

Harvest the good.

When OEM kits are returned because of a single non-working piece, don't ditch the whole thing!  Let us build a custom strategy to harvest the still-working parts and repackage and kit them to:

  • Attract Retail Attention
  • Create More Revenue Opportunities
  • Enhance Your Sustainability Efforts

Reduce. Reuse. You know the last part.

Our repair and refurbishment programs as well as our repacking and kitting programs turn a lot of trash into cash.  Whatever can't be turned into cash, doesn't have to be turned over to the landfill.  Let our team make sure that 100% of items that can be recycled actually are recycled and keep your business on the leading edge of sustainability.